Morales, Crostóbal de

(c.1500, Seville – between 4 and 7 September 1553, probably Marchéna)
   One of the best known composers of sacred music in his time, both in Europe and Mexico, his 21 masses, two Requiems, six Magnificats alternatim, and 90 motets preserved their reputation into the 18th century. He was maestro di capilla at Avila Cathedral (1526–1528), then Plasencia (1528-1531) before entering the papal choir in Rome (1535–1540; then 1541–1545). He returned to Spain as maestro di capilla at Toledo Cathedral (1545–1547), with the Duke of Arcos in Marchéna (1548– 1551), and finally at Málaga Cathedral (1551–1553).

Historical dictionary of sacred music. . 2006.

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